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Curb Appeal Sells Houses!


How to Create Curb Appeal! 

I can’t count the times I have had a client in my car and drove up to a house where they have simply not wanted to go inside to take a peek. Of course this puts me in a bit of a spot when I have to tell the listing agent,  “I’m sorry. My client just didn’t want to go inside.”    

Sometimes this happens because of things that the Seller has no control over… such as the slope of the yard or the condition of the neighboring houses. But most of the time it is because the house just isn’t that appealing. It doesn’t say “Welcome” and it certainly doesn’t look special or stand out from the crowd in a good way. 

Those of you that know me personally know that I really don’t mince words. Some houses are just downright pitiful! Ugly houses are hard to show and hard to sell. When I market a home, I’m spending my time, my energy, my money and I put a little bit of my heart into each house I represent. 

Fix that Front Door!

Pay attention to your front door. A fresh coat of paint in a snappy color can mean a lot. Please make sure your lock works. Opening that front door with a key that works smoothly is so VERY important. A Realtor fighting with a lock for even a few minutes in this heat can make buyers sweat and want to get back into the car. I once had a house sit on the market for months. I took the time and personally painted the front door yellow and hung a wreath on it and it sold within a week. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

Mow the grass!

Not everyone is a Master Gardener, but a manicured lawn is important to curb appeal. Edge the beds and pull the weeds, put out a couple pieces of ‘yard art’ (Please don’t take this to mean that you need Doc, Dopey, Happy and the whole dwarf crew perched on your front porch.) And please, water the grass… there’s nothing worse than walking across crispy grass. 

Replace the blinds!

Blinds that have been chewed or broken by kids and dogs can be seen from the street. Untangle that knot in the cords while you are at it. If at all possible spring for the faux wood blinds not the $2.00 kind from the dollar store. They should all match if visible from the street. The slats should be positioned where the light reflects upwards toward the ceilings, not down toward the floor. This keeps the view through the window shielded but allows light reflect from the ceiling into the room. 

Wash the house!

Broom off the cobwebs and dead bugs. Knock off the ‘dirt dobber’ and wasp nests! And for goodness sakes remove the bird nest that is over your front door and wash the bird poop off the front steps! You may enter your house from the garage, but buyers use the front door. Realtors and Buyers especially don’t like to be attacked by nesting birds. Then wash down the front of the house with a hose. You don’t need a pressure washer most of the time. There is a product called Jomax that you can buy at most big box stores that will do the trick with a little bleach and a garden hose.  

If I can’t get buyers through the front door, they will never see your well-appointed chef’s kitchen with stainless steel appliances, or your new walk in shower.  

Hit me up if you would like my pre-inspection check list for sellers. It saves a ton of grief when you are under contract and are expecting the buyer to do inspection.


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